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  • Playboy

    United States“Playboy”Brands from1953A high-end brand born in,Gradually moving towards a people-oriented approach,Up to celebrities、Political dignitaries,Down to ordinary consumers,Everyone has a person in their heart“Playboy”,It has become one of the most popular brands in the world。

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  • Feile Flagship Store

    FILA,Chinese name Fei Le,Created on1911ItalyBiellasmall town,Now a century old sports fashion brandFILAIt is caused byFILAA textile and knitted clothing brand founded by brothers。In the 1970s,To cooperate with diversified development,FILATurning to sportswear,Has successively developed tennis、Golf、body building、skiing、mountaineering、Basketball and other series。

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  • Idle and idle,Analyze how Baidu achieved cancellationrefererKeyword display

    01month19day · 2022year

    Dear website administrators:Baidu has achieved full website coveragehttpsturn,stayBATFirst to complete full site encryption in China,To promote network environment security。To further protect user privacy,Preventing third-party eavesdropping and tampering,Baidu has already6month25Officially cancelled onrefererDisplay of keywords in,Better protection of site traffic, keyword data, and information,Make site data more private。When webmasters need to obtain website traffic keywords,You can still use the traffic and keyword tools provided by the Baidu webmaster platform or Baidu statistics related functions for querying。However, nothingLuse,I didn't know who it was originally
  • Using a small leather panel(phpStudy)One click deploymentShopXOtutorial

    01month18day · 2022year

    Installed small leather panel user skipped 1,2 step1. Enter the installation page of the small leather panel official website Obtain the installation script by scrolling the mouse to the bottom or clicking Install Now,Choose different scripts based on your own server system,Execute the script to set up the environment(Some server operators have provided pre installation services for small leather panels)

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