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    • Central Rural Work Conference Held in Beijing “Agriculture, countryside and farmers”Make important instructions Li Keqiang made a request

      01month24day · 2022year

      Xinhua News Agency Beijing12month26By wire Central Rural Work Conference25Solstice26Held in Beijing on August。 ,Fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the plenary sessions of the 19th session,Implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference,Analyze current“Agriculture, countryside and farmers”The situation and tasks facing the work,Research deployment2022year“Agriculture, countryside and farmers”work。Before the meeting,General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee、president、 “Agriculture, countryside and farmers”Work and deliver important speeches。 ,Dealing with various risk challenges,must
    • Hunan beautiful countryside network one week news

      01month24day · 2022year

      hello everyone,Welcome to Hunan Beautiful Countryside Network Weekly News!celebrate a bumper harvest,The Second Session of Hunan Province“Beautiful Village Health Run”Kick off in Guitou Village, Meihua Town, Dao County, Yongzhou     Suiwu Fengcheng,Fruitful。9month17Morning of,Guitou Village, Meihua Town, Daoxian County, with picturesque scenery,Set up a stage between ridges,Take green mountains and green waters as the screen,In the rhythm of local cadres and masses singing and dancing,2021The main venue of the Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival in Hunan Province, Daoxian Sub venue, and Yongzhou City's celebration of the Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival were officially held in Guitou Village, Meihua Town, Daoxian County。The Second Session of Hunan Province“
    • ShopXONew version of Open Source MalluniappThematic Packaging Tutorial

      11month23day · 2021year

      Source code addressGitee:
    • Hailiang Education(HLG.US):Year on year revenue growth30%,Accelerated release of performance in the post epidemic era

      12month02day · 2020year

      recently,FaucetK-12Education Group Hailiang Education(HLG.US)Announced2021Performance in the first quarter of the fiscal year。by2020year9month30The first fiscal quarter ended on,The operating income of Hailiang Education is2.985RMB100mn(Company:RMB,The same below),Up to29.8%,Bright growth rate。Scale effect superimposition under refined management and cost control
    • modifyApacheTimeout settings for,Solve the problem of long connection request timeout

      09month30day · 2020year

      at a certain date,The background developer in the group found me,Ask usWEBWhat is the server timeout setting。His feedback question is,There is oneVLANSwitch TaskscgiThe interface often returns504Gateway timeout error,Let me analyze and solve it。I asked,It is known that this request encounters many network device objects,It takes less than half an hour to complete,That is, long connections are needed。Old rules,Get the interface address from the developer,Get access layer serverIP,It's aHaproxyagent,Have a lookHaproxyTimeout settings for:
    • SurpriseHaproxyAdd repeatedlyX-Forwarded-Forproblem(Official solutions attached)

      09month30day · 2020year

      Recently configuredHaproxyI found a very interesting thing when I was acting as an agent:HaproxyOn behalf ofhttpThe request will be mindlessX-Forwarded-For(Hereinafter referred to asXFF),Instead of putting your ownIPAdd address to existingXFFAfter list,WTF!And this divine operation?After confirmation,I'm hereHaproxyofgithubOpened oneissueFeedback on thisBUG(issueaddress),I finally learnedHaproxyThat's how it was designed,And get the solution,And thisissue's reply was very interesting,Special blog to share。at first,myissuecarry
    • Nothing to do,Analyze how Baidu implements cancellationrefererKeyword displayed

      09month30day · 2020year

      Or this year6end of month,Baidu released a full cancellationrefererNotification of keyword display,The purpose of listening and speaking is to protect user privacy and site traffic keyword data。The specific announcement is as follows:Dear webmasters:Baidu has realized the whole sitehttpsturn,stayBATChina takes the lead in completing the whole station encryption,To promote network environment security。To further protect user privacy,Prevent third party eavesdropping and tampering,Baidu has6month25Officially cancelled onrefererDisplay of keywords in,Better protect site traffic keyword data information,Make site data more private。When the webmaster needs to obtain website traffic keywords,You can still use the traffic and key points provided by Baidu webmaster platform
    • Docker Remote APIIntroduction and practical sharing:HaproxyRemote management

      09month30day · 2020year

      be familiar withDockerAll of our friends know,DockerYes, remote control can be enabledAPIof,Default listeningTCP 2375port,It has very rich interface methods,Can be used for remote controlDocker DaemonTo do many operations。DockerVersion iteration is fast,Therefore, different versions ofAPIfile,This article is mainly based on the latestv1.40Briefly introduce some common operations and best practices。one、installDockerCentos The system can be used directlyyumCommand online installation,Please refer to the official documents for details,One is provided belowLinuxGeneral online installation method of the system:1
    • WordPressEnable color comments but do not causeXSSTips for vulnerabilities

      09month30day · 2020year

      Some time ago, I shared someXSSTips for fixing vulnerabilities,And I saidWordPressTo open color comments, you need tofunctions.phpInsert the following code in,That is, disableWordPressAutomatic filteringHTMLLabel mechanism:however,Disable filteringhtmlLabelling
    • Use small leather panel(phpStudy)One click deploymentShopXOcourse

      09month29day · 2020year

      Users who have installed small skin panels skip 1,2 step 1. Enter the small leather panel installation page 2. Get installation script Scroll to the bottom or click Install Now,Select different scripts according to your server system,Just execute the script

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